Goals, yep – you knew this was coming.

Whether you were with us at the garage or if you started last week; the topic of goal-setting should be fresh in your mind. Myself, I like to have that carrot-on-a-stick out in front of me at all times or I will get lost or distracted with other things & with life in general. If I don’t have something to focus on (big picture) then it’s easy to just go through the motions and get pissed. So, even with a 7mo old that keeps my life changing on a minute by minute basis; I have goals.

  • Fitness Goal: Do 1 WOD a week at 100% redline. I “pace” myself too much
  • Strength Goal: Improve my Jerk
  • Health Goal: Eat more veggies

What are your goals? 🙂


Post By Brian