I never thought I could pick up heavy weight again.

When I hurt myself in 2007 (and the dozen+times that year afterwards), I thought that my life was over. It hurt to do EVERYTHING from the gym, to life and at work. The only thing that didn’t hurt was to sleep. I was depressed. The one thing I loved to do (powerlifting) was gone and I couldn’t do it again; ever. The best thing I did to help me was to find a coach. I ended up going to Cressey Performance and getting help from some really smart guys (Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilecore) that set me straight and helped me find myself again.

Thanks to learned knowledge, great coaching and patience; I can do things again and I’ve never been depressed about my health/fitness since.

What is one thing that you can do now, that you never thought you could do?


Post By Brian