2016 at Forge Fitness

2016 at Forge Fitness

Before we get too deep into 2017 & charge forward; I’d like to give a ‘tip of the hat’ to 2016 because, it was a giant year for all of us involved at Forge Fitness.

We started off the year by doubling our facility size. When we left our 300sf garage and found ourselves standing in a 2,000sf warehouse; we had no idea that we would ever (EVER) find a reason to need more space. However, now that we’ve got the full 4,000sf space; it seems a bit more put-together and “homey”. We all have a dedicated space to hang out before/after class and our Store has a bit more space for us to have cool things to share with people.

As our gym and our reputation gained a stronger foothold in the community, more people were able to come through our doors. We’ve lucky enough to help more people this year than ever! That’s been the driving force behind nearly everything we do. We want to utilize this opportunity to help as many people as we can. Whether it is with fitness, nutrition or just being there to listen.

We’ve seen the addition of The New You Challenge breathe new life into our #FitFam. These groups have brought in some of the most motivated people we’ve seen in a while and it’s always refreshing to meet new, smiling faces!

2016 has also been a year of some breakout stars at our gym. We’ve seen some folks really take a hold of their lives and their strength and have a focus on the future (Emily). It’s also been a pleasure to see some of our members rise in the ranks to become leaders within the gym (Brianna, Kevin,Kara, Kathy) because these are the types people we should all look up to and strive to be like!

Yet again, in 2016 we’ve been able to rely on a handful of our Vets to be there for us as Coaches and for our Newbs. These role models might not know it, but I see our newer folks watching them as they do anything from Juicy Shoulder to Snatching to Checking in on ZP to make sure they are doing it correctly. Our Vets are the ones to lay the carpet and set the pace; and we are lucky to have them.

Without dragging this post out for another 2,000 plus words; I’d like to just simply state that 2016 was a huge year of learning, growing and helping. I’ve enjoyed every second of it and will always look back at this year and think “Wow, I knew we could do it!”

Here’s a few fun numbers for anyone interested:

  • Classes on the schedule – 760 (CF Only)
  • Total Number Class Check Ins – 4,065
  • Ave Class Size – 5.35 (Keeping it small for y’all!)
  • Membership Increase: 63%
  • Smiles: 57% Wider (Based on National Standard for Smiles)
  • High Fives: 87% Higher (Based on the International H5 Conventions)

Stay tuned for a “What to expect from 2017” post later this month because; we have some rather big things on the horizon and you’re going to want to hear it from us first!

Post By Brian