Forge Fitness Superlatives!

Forge Fitness Superlatives!

Spend a few WODs around Forge Fitness and you’re sure to find out pretty quickly that not only do we have some pretty interesting personalities; but we have some really awesome people flat-out. This year, we decided to celebrate a handful of those personalities! This year we introduced “The Forge Fitness SUPERlatives” and we left the judging 100% up to our #FitFam and the community that knows us best!

The names below are people that you are 100% certain not to have a problem remembering if you have ever been to our wonderful facility. These folks are just a small snapshot of what makes Forge Fitness so special!! On any given day, you’re bound to walk through our doors and see Natalie dancing (probably to some tunes selected by DJ Kat or Coach Isii!) and you’d never miss how well-matched Chantae is on a daily basis (4yrs of this and she hasn’t missed a day!). If you ever walk in and hear a loud “clang & bang” there’s a 99% chance that Sean is over on the other side hitting yet another Personal Record.

If you have been lucky enough to WOD with Elaine, you know why she won that award. She’s not only super nice; but she’ll crack jokes with the best of them! Speaking of folks in a WOD; once you see the determination in Kathy’s face in the middle of a workout – you’ll know how high the bar has been set for everyone else. Ever hear the front door creak open & closed after one of the coaches has just finished explaining the WOD? Yep, that’s our terrific and tardy friend Lauren popping by to partake in a bit of exercise with us!

Of all the possible Bromances, it was Coach Isii and Coach Brian who took home that coveted award. With the hundreds of hours they spend working out together and/or Brian listening to Isii’s rants; they were a force to be reckoned with in this category! And while it was a hard-fought battle in the gym between Danielle and Isii’s pearly-whites; it was a landslide victory for our “Joy Girl” and General Manager to take home the “Best Smile” award. Once you see that smile, you’ll understand :-D!

Without Further Ado: The 2016 Forge Fitness SUPERlatives!

  • The Friendly Face Award (The Best Smile): Danielle!
  • The WODY Award (The Best WOD Partner): Elaine!
  • The Hearing Aid Award (Most likely to ask a question): Brianna!
  • The Cheerleader Award (Most likely to be found cheering folks on): Natalie!
  • The Rocky Balboa Award (Who never quits?): Kathy!
  • The Hulk-Out Award (Most likely to break a barbell): Sean!
  • The Traffic Award (Most likely to be late to a WOD): Lauren!
  • The Fab & Fit Award (Best Dressed): Chantae!
  • Bromance Award (Best Bro-Mance): Isii & Brian!
  • Twinkle Toes Award (Most likely to be found dancing): Natalie AGAIN!

Start working on winning these for ’17 folks…..