2017 Preview…

2017 Preview…

We will be kicking off 2017 in a big way; in many ways. I wanted to fire you up about a handful of awesomeness that’ll be thrown out for us all to enjoy in the first few months of the New Year!

First off, we are going to gather those of us who like lifting heavy things overhead for a 6 week Clean & Jerk Course. You will get better, you will get faster, you will get stronger and your barbell-confidence will go through the ROOF!! Come lift with us! This is open to Members and Non-Members! #BringFriends

Next we have a Burrito Bar, sorry…I mean we are having a Members Only 4yr Anniversary party….WITH a burrito bar!

Another awesome thing we’re going to repeat this year is; for the 2017 CrossFit Open, our CFC Intramural Open! We will pick 2-3 really awesome fun people to Captain their respective teams to VICTORY!! We will have a weekly “Friday Night Lights” session at the gym and run folks through the 2017 Open WODs & have some fun at the gym during/after! Stay tuned for more deets on this awesomeness to come in Late January.


Lastly, we’re going to be kick-starting a “Move Better” weekly blog post that’ll highlight a single movement we do ALL the time at the gym. Each movement will be broken down as follows:

  • Why we do this movement.
  • How do safely do this movement.
  • How we scale down (and scale up) this movement.
  • How to do it more efficiently (aka Competitively)
  • Any mobility requirements needed to get full ROM & some Mobilizations if we’re short on ROM.


2017 is our year to show; not just our Members, everyone out there how well we move, coach and perform! This is just one part of what we’re going to do in order to improve each and every person that we interact with! #HelpFirst #MoveBetter

Want to look further into the future? Here’s some tidbits…

  • More Gym Nights out…
  • Mayhem 2 (40 peeps max)
  • Smackdown 4 (40 peeps max & killer prizes)
  • More Weights
  • More Toys
  • More Gains
  • Unlimited High Fives!

Post By Brian
Post By Brian