2018 Intramural Open

It’s Open Season Again (Finally!!!)!!!

The Open is a time of the year for us to gather as a large group and test our fitness with a huge amount of support (more than a usual class)! This year we’ve got 3 of the funnest people that have been picked to be your captains. The teams have been selected and the Cpt’s are chatting with everyone to get them on board! 

So, this year there are a few ways for you to gain points for your team.

  • Put up a Team Poster = 7 points per poster
  • Post your “I’ve been drafted” photo on Social Media and use the hashtag #CrossFitChiliOpen2018 = 5 points
  • Do the Open WOD on Friday (AM or PM) = 10 points
  • Get the best Rx or Sx Score = 5 Points
  • Be voted “Team Spirit Award” (each week) = 7 points
  • Win the Final Event = 11 points
  • Bring a Non-Member Buddy to watch/cheer = 1 point per person

We’ll have a Scoreboard at the gym for the Captains to Tabulate each week.


Each Week, your team can get 3 more points by winning a small challenge.

  • Perform Challenge before the next Open WOD is released (Thursday 8pmEST)
  • Post Pic or Video & tag your Captain and as many team mates as possible (also tag the gym so we can see it)

Challenges are: (# listed is the Open Week #)

  1. Longest Handstand: If you go against the wall, it’s regular timed per second. If you are FREESTANDING it’s 2x so if you freestand for 10s it’s 20s!
    1. Photo Required!
  2. Longest Broad Jump: Have a coach measure from your start to where you land. If you fall; your hand/butt is the measuring point.
    1. Video Required!
  3. Most Calories on BIKE in 45s: Buckle up and go!
    1. Video Required!
  4. Most UNBROKEN Wall Balls (Rx 20/14 to 10’/9′ target & Scaled is 14/8lb to same height)
    1. Video Required!
  5. Fastest 21 Thrusters at 75/55#: Yep, one shot…go!
    1. Video Required!
  6. Longest Hang on the pull up bars: Chalk up and hold on tight!
    1. Photo Required!