2020 New Year’s Challenge

Start 2020 off right with Forge Fitness’ New Six-Week Challenge!

The New Year’s Six-Week Challenge will help you to start 2020 off right by taking you through six weeks of Bootcamp style workouts! The coaches will train you on the fundamentals of functional fitness, get you moving and help you to improve your nutrition. This isn’t your typical fitness challenge where you take part in a class once per week and are sent on your way. Our coaches and nutritionists will help you to learn how to perform functional workouts correctly and provide you with nutritional knowledge that you can implement long after the challenge is over.

Who the New Year’s Six-Week Challenge is for:

This fitness challenge is for anyone who is ready to take their health and fitness to the next level! It’s for those who don’t have time to spend hours every week at the gym while achieving little to no results. The New Year’s Six-Week Challenge is for anyone who is looking for an inviting atmosphere and a supportive group of accountability partners. Anyone who is sick of yo-yo dieting and hitting strength and weight-loss plateaus will benefit from taking part in this challenge!

You get more than just workouts!

  • The Bootcamp style workouts are unquestionably more fun and applicable to your daily life than your typical gym exercises. But we want to help you see real, long-lasting results which means that we are providing much more than just workouts.
  • With the challenge, you will receive a complimentary Inbody fat and muscle mass scan! The InBody body composition scan will break down your results into fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water that will be provided to you on an easy-to-understand result sheet.
  • You will also get a personalized nutrition plan by a certified nutrition coach! Have you ever heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen?” Nutrition leads to 90% of the results you make and like we said earlier, this isn’t your typical fitness challenge! You have the opportunity to meet with your nutrition coach one-on-one multiple times during the six-week challenge on top of the three workouts you are guided through each week!
  • Beyond 18 Bootcamp style workouts, an InBody scan and guidance by a nutrition coach, you will also be a part of a supportive and motivating group of people. By the end of the first week, you will probably have already built a camaraderie with the other challengers and want everyone to succeed just as much as you want to reach your own goals. It’s not uncommon for someone to visit Forge Fitness without knowing anyone and quickly connect with other members. Many long-lasting friendships have started during a WOD or Bootcamp class!


Hear from some of our members!

“Forge Fitness is not just a “gym”, it’s a close knit community of amazing people! When I first started CrossFit I had no idea what any of the terminology meant, let alone how to execute the moves. The trainers are great and make sure that you are able to do the workouts correctly or will modify them to your ability. Everyone is very supportive and help push you to your fullest potential. Nothing beats getting results while having fun!! They are the most supportive, encouraging, and downright awesome group of people!!” -Chantae

“The progress we’ve made is undeniable. Myself down 20lbs & my husband on the other hand has dropped 30lbs in weight but more importantly dropped his total cholesterol and blood pressure to now within a normal range. NO MEDICATION. His primary care physician was impressed to say the least. It’s safe to say Forge Fitness has settled into our lives for the better whether we like it or not!” – Lauren

Join the challenge now and receive the entire package for only $250!!

The challenge starts on January 6th and space is limited! Here are the ways that you can sign up!

Click the event registration link here!

Call us at (585) 729-6989 and say you want in on the New Six-Week Challenge!

Send us an email at crossfitchili@gmail.com

Visit us in person at 1861 Scottsville Rd A, Rochester, NY 14623.


Just to recap:

  • The New Year’s Six-Week Challenge starts on January 6th
  • Three Bootcamp style workouts per week for six weeks
  • Complimentary InBody composition scan
  • Work one-on-one with a certified nutrition coach and receive a personalized nutrition plan
  • Accountability from coaches and other challengers
  • $250 for the entire challenge