4 Year Anniversary Event!

4 Year Anniversary Event!

I’M SO EXCITED I CAN BARELY TYPE  – so bear with me!


Ok, so on January 7th we’re going to have a HUGE fun day at the Gym! Let’s go through what is going to be happening:

First and foremost – the Competition. Taking the awesome idea of Lauren; we’re going to have TWO BIG TEAMS (Forge Fitness VS CrossFit Chili) of members competing against one another for bragging rights. We’re going to do the sign ups like this; each “Veteran” must partner up with a “Newbie” and sign their team up.

  • A Veteran is either:  2+years (total) of CrossFit Experience
  • A Newbie is: Anyone who has signed up with us (NYC, Foundations, First Steps or CF) After 1/16 who doesn’t have 2+yrs of CF Experience
    • Want to know when you signed up? We’ll have a list up at the gym ASAP.
  • Each PAIR of partners will need ONE NON-MEMBER to come help set up, judge and see the fun times!

The partner part will come into play during 1 or more of the WODs that we’ll be doing.

Speaking of the WODs…


I’m still trying to chat with some food vendors about coming by to feed us. If that doesn’t pan out then we’ll have a Chili Cookoff and Dessert contest or something fun 😉


Last but not least; the cost for all of this.

$60 per team. However, the funds raised from this will be going to something more worthy of it than some more kettlebells and peg boards like last year.

These funds will go into a Fitness Scholarship program that will help people in substance recovery be able to afford some fitness in their lives. Addiction recovery is an amazingly difficult thing to overcome. We want to help give people who are in recovery that ‘other’ thing in their life that they can use as a healthy alternative to their vice and addiction. Fitness is a great substitute for doing just that. We are talking with a handful of groups around Rochester to determine the best way to help but it all starts with our amazing #FitFam.

Sign ups will be available here

Find your partner & sign up online. The teams (FF or CFC) will be determined the week of the event by the Coaches! #FightToTheDeath (jk…?)