4yr Anniv. WODS!

4yr Anniv. WODS!

WOD #1: We’re bringing back a crowd favorite – THE OBSTACLE COURSE!! I’ve designed a new layout that will allow Forge Fitness to go head-to-head with CrossFit Chili teams!

WOD #2: (Two Scores)

Part 1 : Teammates will take turns throwing darts to accumulate points. Each point will equal that number reps of a movement. Sound familiar? It’s not the same as last year.

  • Lawn Darts, not little bumble bee darts.
  • 3 Zones for Points. Zone 3, 3pts = 3 burpees. Zone 2, 2pts = 2 air squats. Zone 1, 1pt = 1 Sit Up.
  • You will have a VERY SHORT period of time to accumulate these points. Stay tuned for specifics!
  • We will have this going on on BOTH sides so you’ll have no idea how fast the other side is going!

6 Min Rest / Set Up Time

Part 2: Partners will do lots and lots of deadlifting. Each Team will have a HUGE stack of weights (same poundage per team) to perform Partner Deadlifts with. The teams will have to determine the weights on their own to figure how to get the highest VOLUME.

  • Each pair will determine a set weight (can’t change once you start) to do deadlifts with.
  • Score will be the weight times the number of reps for all pairs on the team.
  • Example, 10 teams that each get 10,000lbs of volume (50 reps at 200lbs) will have 10k as their final score.
  • The weight pile amount will be given in advance to help you calculate ahead of time.

WOD #3:

You didn’t think we WEREN’T going to use the Bikes and Rowers – did you?!

  • Teams shall set the order of who is going and then perform:
    • 500m Bike
    • 500m Row
    • 250m Bike
    • 250m Row
      • People must stay in the same order
      • Score is final time of last rower to finish