6 Ways to get the Most out of your Gym Membership

6 Ways to get the Most out of your Gym Membership

…sorry, no…cookies aren’t going to help with your fitness.

Whether you’re at Forge Fitness, another CrossFit Box or a globo gym; there’s always ways to improve what you’re doing. Even if what you’re doing now, is correct! Below are a handful of ways to get the most out of your time at the gym!

  1. Have a gym buddy. This can be a close friend, family member or coworker that you meet up with at the gym 3-5x a week or just someone at your daily class that inspires you. Either way, make it known and make a plan to be at the gym together. Accountability is a massive help!
  2. Work on things you hate. When we hate something; it’s usually because we are not good at it. Whether it’s running, burpees or something else; if we have a weakness, it can bring down our level of fitness. It can also affect our outlook on the gym. If you had running and today’s WOD is Running and (insert something else here); you will not be jazzed at all about going (or you might skip it all together).
  3. Make it a priority. We all know that life can get in the way of the gym from time to time. However, if we can view going to the gym on Monday at 5:30am as seriously as when we say “I have a Dentist Appt Tuesday at 3:45pm” – we will make it to the gym on a more consistent basis.
  4. Have a goal. Without beating a dead horse here (we speak about goals all  the  time) I will say that for the last 48+ months, those with goals have achieved far more with their health then those without.
  5. Use the Coach. At Forge, we don’t just hire the coolest folks in the world. We hire folks who have something to offer outside of a great smile and a firm handshake. Before or after class, pick the coaches brains about movement, nutrition, sleep or anything  you need help with. That’s what we are here for; helping.
  6. Try Harder. Sounds silly & easy right? Think about your last WOD. Was there 1-2 reps or a few seconds in there that you could have done more? Gone harder? It is simple, but it is not easy. Next time you’re about to walk over to your water bottle or the chalk bucket (aka faking it to rest) – ask yourself “Can I try harder right now?” Odds are; you can.

There shouldn’t be anything in this list that is earth-shattering. It’s all little and simple things to keep in mind that will fill in the gaps on your path to fitness success.

If you know anyone that needs to hear this information; share it. If we can help 1 person out with these words, it’ll be worth it.

Post By Brian