We’ve all been new before.

We’ve all been new before.

Every successful person at our gym; and millions of other gyms worldwide, have been new before. We’ve been embarrassed before and we’ve been scared before.

Walking into the gym for the first time, sucks. Butterflies and uncertainty fill our heads. If you are able to be lucky enough to walk into a positive & caring community; those feelings will fall to the floor faster than you’ll break a sweat. Seeing smiling faces; not just of Coaches and Staff (because we pay them to smile, right?), but the smiles of regular ol members walking around and working out gives the new person at the door the courage to keep walking forward.

So just remember this..

  • No matter your reason to start
  • No matter your feelings when you’re pulling into the gym
  • No matter what your brain is trying to tell you to do instead

…we have all been there. And the ones who now can look back at their “old self” and be happy with who they are today; are the ones who have gone through it and went past it.

Head Up High.

Chest Tall.

Big Smile.

Be ready for change.