Anniversary Party Update #1!

Anniversary Party Update #1!

I wanted to fire off a quick update to everyone today to keep y’all on the same page so we can get this thing off the ground.

Firstly, (that’s a word right?) – We’re going to be getting a HUGE TREAT after we’re done playing with the fun toys at the gym. What’s one thing we can count on everyone wanting after some CrossFit Playtime? FOOD. As many of you know, Lauren and Drew have a family member (Lauren’s Mom) who is quite awesome at cooking & baking. She has agreed to come by and set up a Custom Burrito Bar for all those who attend!!! This will also include dessert! This is 100% free to anyone that wants to taste this amazing meal!

This can be yours....
This can be yours….
also these...
also these…







Secondly, (still not sure if its’ a word but I’m going with it), I’ve also been in contact with Eric’s girlfriend (Carmen!) who has agreed to hang out at the gym to perform Cupping on anyone who wants to give it a shot. Cupping is a great recovery method (the Olympics talked about it a LOT this past year) that helps improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and many more positive benefits. This is 100% free and open to anyone!

Lastly, (Now, I know that is a word!) I wanted to give more detail to WOD #2 . This is the 2 part WOD. The plan is to set an 18 minute running clock and it’ll be set up like this:

  • 0-6 Min: Half of your team will perform the Dart Throwing & Reps of Burpees, Air Squats & Sit ups.
  • 7-12 Min: This is the quick transition time where the Darts/Targets get pushed off and the barbells get loaded for Part 2.
  • 13-18 Min: The OTHER half of your team will pair up and perform deadlifts. Refer to the link above for how to win this part (Volume).

Now all you have to do is find a partner & sign up. There will be a BIG SIGN UP BOARD at the gym for you to write your names on once you’ve signed up. So, click the picture below and let’s get this Party Bus moving!!!!


Find more INFO here