CFC Intramural Open – How it’s Ran

CFC Intramural Open – How it’s Ran

Whether you knew it, or not; you’ve been practicing for this time of the year since the 2016 Open Ended. Suprise!!


The CFC Open is a series of 6 weeks (Friday nights) that we all meet up at CFC and do a Worldwide-Prescribed WOD; as teams. Points are gained; not by score or time, but for participation. The bigger and flashier your team is; the better chances of taking home the Gold you will have. Sound like fun? We’re not done! (Didn’t mean for that to rhyme so well)

Each Friday night will look like this (ish):

  • 4:30pm – The Doors Open
  • 4:30-5:30pm: Arrive & Sign Up for a Heat. (First come/first serve!)
  • 5:45pm – First Heat Kicks Off and we will run through until all of us have had a chance to play!
    • Before or after you go, we are here to support one another by counting reps, cheering & yelling!
    • If space allows us; per a suggest from last year, we will have Parking Lot Games going on on the Forge Side!  (Adult Beverages are totally allowed after you are done!!)
  • Afterwards:
    • The Points for participation will be tallied up for a Nightly Winner
    • We will also Give the “Spirit” award out each Friday Night to the one who is an ultimate buddy and badass!
    • Post Open WOD Eats shall be had; last year a handful of us went down to McGregor’s for Fried Goodies and Meats! And Beer.

“But, Coach….how do I sign up?”

Step #1: Sign Up for The Open & make sure to select CrossFit Chili as your affiliate! (Doing this gets your team more points each time you WOD with them!)

Step #2: Announce that you have signed up! Let your #FitFam know in class & on our Private FB page so the CAPTAINS can know who they are able to pick for their teams! If you didn’t sign up (Step 1 above), no worries – announce that you’re Draft Eligible in our group!! 


Yes, we have already selected 3 Captains that will be scouting you (better step up your game!) to see whom will be on their CFC Open Team:










Once you are signed up & have been selected by a Captain; it’s on! Time to start doing the following:

  • Making up a team name & mascot…
  • Determine your team color(s)….
  • Make shirts, hats or anything else you feel will work for you team to kick arse!
  • Make team signs and put them ALL OVER THE GYM; do it. I dare you.

Let’s Have Some Fun!! WEEE!!!

Want to brush up on some skills or just DO BETTER in the Open WODs this year? Sign up for our Open Prep Courses!