First Steps

“Let your First Step, be your Best Step!”

We have two amazing ways you can start your fitness journey.

Our Essentials plan gives you the coaching and nutritional assistance needed if you feel like you’re “almost” ready but need a bit more brushing up or knocking off of the cobwebs.

If you’re looking for a bit more in-depth look into your nutrition and  your movement; the Performance package is what you’ll need. This packages gives you up to 3hrs more with your coach and our Nutritionist!

Regardless of your choice, here is how things are typically set up:

  • You can use your time with your coach however you need. It can be set up in 60,90 or 120min sessions and can be done a maximum of 3x a week and has to be a minimum of twice a week.
  • After the first day, you’ll schedule your meeting with our Nutritionist for your first consult. At that time you will also get your first Body Fat scan & the results right then as well as your Nutritional Booklet.
  • After you’ve Graduated from First steps, you’ll have a second goal setting session with a coach to determine the best course of action for you! We are here to help you with your goals!

That’s it, super simple, all laid out in front of you.

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