Forged First Steps Program

Let your First Step, be your best step!


When you are looking into getting yourself into shape; whether it’s for the first time or you’re on your way back to your former glory, it’s best to go about it in a personal manner. After all, everyone has their own path and their own story. That’s why we have our Forged First Step Program. This more personal manner of starting your fitness journey will ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed.

  • Proper goal-setting to keep you aligned with why you came in on Day #1.
  • Individualized fitness programming and coaching.
  • Nutritional assistance and a full-body muscle analysis scan in order to track progress with real numbers that matter.
    • Our First Step Program allows us to focus on the key components of movement and fitness that will most impact your health and goals.
    • The timeline is up to you, how well you move and learn. The classes are programmed by the coach of your choosing to maximize the benefits each and every day!

When you sign up for The First Step Program; our first priority is to set you up for the best and most successful path we can provide for you. Day #1 looks like this:

  1. You and your Coach will perform a Goal-Setting session. This will clarify “Your Why” and lay the framework down for the program you will follow.
  2. You will receive a Muscle Mass Analysis that will give you a great depiction of your current muscle mass and body fat. This is especially useful for a comparison scan approximately 3 months down the line to show your progress.
  3. You will go through a movement screen by our coaching staff. This will show us some existing movement patterns that will need additional attention during the program. It will also shed light on any possible movement dysfunctions that we can help you steer clear of.
  4. You will be brought through some initial movement instruction and a fun WOD to close out the day.
  5. While you stretch out with your Coach, they will go over a lifestyle & nutrition analysis to make sure we get a full picture of your life outside the walls of Forge Fitness.

As you can clearly see, this is a very in-depth way for us to help you. Once we go through this first day, your Coach will do their homework by programming your path for this program. Day 2 through your last day will be a little bit more straight-forward. You’ll show up, warm up, be taught new and fun movements and you’ll get moving and sweating!

The next thing to do is to


…and we will get you moving

What does this program cost?

  • For 1 person: $180
  • If you have someone else you’d like to share this experience with who can come with you {aka same schedules!}, the price will drop $10/per person (up to 4 people in a group).

How long is this program?

Typically, it will be 8-10 classes. We’ve done up to 12 in order to make sure everyone has learned all they need in order to move on to their next goal or set of goals. The length of time it will take is fully up to you, your coach and your combined schedules!

I’m too old/out of shape, should I get in shape first?

No. First off, 90% of the folks that say this are in better shape than they realize. Second, this program is designed to take someone who hasn’t worked out in a while (or ever) and progress them individually so everyone is learning and everyone is improving.