Forged Movement & Mobility

Back by popular demand!

Due to the outpouring of desire for a mobility course; we’re bringing it back! Starting on Saturday October 8th, we’re going to kick off a 6-week movement and mobility course! It’ll be once a week for an hour. Classes will be at 10:15am; after the morning CrossFit class.

The Purpose of this Class:

  1. Teach how to perform different mobilizations.
  2. Teach why they will be effective in everyday life as well as CrossFit classes

The Goals of this Class:

  • It will give you a path to improvement beyond the 6wk course.
  • It will give you dedicated time for improvement of your range of motion.

In efforts to provide the best possible coaching, this class will be capped at the first 6 people to sign up.

There is no guarantee that another 6wk course will go on after this so act quickly my friends!


Coach Brian will be heading up the M&M Course this time!

Creating a lasting change doesn’t happen without a fully thought out plan and a real concerted effort to make that change. The stretching we do before and after our CrossFit classes are a great way to prepare for and recover from the WOD; but this course is going to show you that real work is required to make a change.