Get to know Eric!

Get to know Eric!

This month, I had the pleasure to chat with Eric about what makes him tick, what makes him enjoy the 5am classes and learned that he might be our best dancer in the gym!

Danielle: You’ve been one of our most dedicated & “smiley” members in a LONG time. What is your biggest motivation each day?

Eric: Most definitely my family!

Danielle: You come to mainly the 5am classes, how do you fuel you WODS?

Eric: Still working on the Nutrition thing – definitely a big fan of AdvoCare Spark first thing in the a.m.

Danielle: At the end of each class we perform a ‘daily accessory movement’ to fill in the gaps, what is your favorite way to give a “DAM”?  

Eric: It’s gotta love the “Bro Shesh” (something about dumbell curls…. )

Danielle: What is one lift with a barbell that you LOVE to see (or doesn’t make you cringe when you see it on the whiteboard)?

Eric: Definitely the Clean and Jerk…. someday I’ll get to where Emily is!

Danielle: You know how heavily we focus on goals at Forge, what is your biggest goal at the moment?

Eric: Weight loss and overall better health… looking to pull a “Spock” – wanting to “Live long and prosper.”

Danielle: What has been your biggest benefit being about being at Forge?

Eric: Great atmosphere, athletes and Coaches… motivates me to get there and get the WOD done!

Danielle: Can you tell us something we may not know about you that has nothing to do with WODs or Sweating?

Eric: I’m an absolute sucker for animals… I’m totally “that guy”… puppies, kittens, horses, bunnies… you name it! and, I can move (my Mom owned a Dance Studio and was a Choreographer)!

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