Hybrid Personal Training

When it comes to personal training, we want you to have the best of everything.


Our Hybrid PT membership gives you the best of our personal training while still giving you the flexibility to get to the gym and get your work done. This will keep you focused on the goals you have and keep you motivated each and every time you’re in the gym! This personal training membership gives you everything that we can possibly give you (short of us doing the reps for you!) in order for you to achieve your goals!

With your monthly membership, you will receive the following: 

  1. One 30 min session a week with your coach.
  2. Homework Tasks (Workouts, Mobility, and more!)
  3. Open Gym Access to do your homework with our coaches and community.
  4. Goal setting session & accountability session
  5. Monthly Body-fat/Muscle Quality scans & assessment.

Optional Nutritional Review (+$49/mo) includes a monthly 30 minute session with your coach to review food log, make intelligent adjustments to nutritional intake & refocus you for the upcoming month. This provides much needed accountability that many of us need in our lives.