Job Posting!

Job Posting!

Forge Fitness is hiring!!

We are looking for an experienced sales Manager to assist our team in driving new members into our varied programs.


  • Manage our “No Sweat Intro” emails for when potential members inquire about our programs.
  • Share the duty with our General Manager of performing the intro sessions based on schedule and availability of yourself, the GM and the incoming client.
  • Meet with Social Media Manager for 1-2  a month to assist in setting up the monthly marketing campaigns.


  • Prior Experience
  • Must know social media to assist our Manager in creating and following through with marketing plans.


  • Initial Compensation will be 15% percentage of any package sold.
  • Retention Bonuses will also be available
    • 96-100% = 9%
    • 90-95% = 7%
    • 86-90% = 5%
    • 80-85% = 3%
  • Monthly Meeting with Social Media Manager will be paid at $25/hr
    • Example: Month #1 (2 CrossFit & 3 First Steps Packages Sold, 2hrs Meeting with SMM & all 5 stay on after = $197/mo)

For more info, send all requests to: