Mayhem 2017

Mayhem 2017


Let’s start off competition season with a BANG!

This event is solely for beginners and intermediate competitors. Not sure where you fit in? Read below for the guidelines so you know what to sign up under!!

Beginner –  Someone with 0-6 months of CrossFit experience. A beginner would be someone who has never done a CF competition or this is their 2nd/3rd event, ever. A beginner hasn’t placed top 3 in another Beginner competition.

Intermediate – Someone with 6-18mo of CrossFit Experience. An intermediate should be someone that is ‘almost able to Rx the Girl WODs’ in their classes. An intermediate would be someone that has completed a beginner CF Competition and placed in the top 3. Anyone from last year’s beginner Smackdown top 3 will be placed here.

See requirements below to narrow down where you should truly be for the competition.

General Requirements for Mayhem Athletes:

Intermediate Guys and Gals:

  • Clean and Jerk 165/115 for reps – not 1RM.
  • DB Snatch 50/35lbs
  • Double Unders
  • Deadlift 225/155 for reps – not 1RM.

Beginner Guys and Gals:

  • Clean and Jerk 135/75 for reps – not 1RM.
  • DB Snatch 35/20lbs
  • Double Unders – JK single unders
  • Deadlift 155/95 for reps – not 1RM.

All athletes, regardless of division must:

  • Likes to Run (not required but will be helpful)
  • Walk & chew gum.
  • Work well with others.

Stay tuned for WOD releases!!!

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