Move Better: The Back Squat

Move Better: The Back Squat

Our 12 Part Move Better series is all about educating you. We want to provide a deeper understanding of movement to our readers. In this series, we will pick apart one movement per week that will help you not only move better but; move with a purpose in the gym!

Week 5: The Back Squat. This is the king of all the squats. We do this so we can improve our leg strength, increase the strength of our hips and make us live longer. Bone density will increase, testosterone will increase and we will be able to smile better. All of those are true.


Breaking down the movement:

  • WHY- This is done to not only make us stronger and force us to buy new pants but; we do this to increase bone density & lower body strength. These things will keep you happy and healthy for much longer than your couch will.
  • SAFETY- We want to pay special attention to where our knees go in relation to our feet. Knees track out over the toes. Also keep in mind that from our hips to our shoulders (our midline) needs to maintain a neutral and tight position to keep safe.
  • SCALING – Once we move on from the Air Squat and put a barbell on our backs; we can scale this with load. Only move as much weight as your body will allow you to move in the proper range of motion (ROM).
  • EFFICIENCY KEYS – Using your posterior chain and your legs in concert with one another is the best way to call upon the right muscles to get this work done. Don’t rely on just one or the other.
  • MOBILITY – The #1 reason folks can’t squat low enough is that we have crappy ankle mobility. Chat up a coach today to get 1 good Ankle mobilization to do to get better at squats today!

Stay tuned next week when we break down another brutal; yet simple, CrossFit movement!