Move Better: The Burpee Over Barbell

Move Better: The Burpee Over Barbell

Our 12 Part Move Better series is all about educating you. We want to provide a deeper understanding of movement to our readers. In this series, we will pick apart one movement per week that will help you not only move better but; move with a purpose in the gym!

Week 12: The FINAL week of #MoveBetter – We tackle the more difficult variant of a rather painful movement. The Burpee over the Barbell. Take a peek at our video and breakdown below to improve on this movement and make it hurt a little bit less!


Breaking down the movement:

  • WHY- This movement is done to crank up the intensity on an already stellar bodyweight movement.
  • SAFETY- Being safe on this variant is the same as a regular burpee. A good catch on the floor, high hips with flat feet on the way up and keep eye contact with the barbell on your way over.
  • SCALING – For this movement, refer to the Burpee as it is also the same. Step down and up as needed and really focus on the barbell when leaping over.
  • EFFICIENCY KEYS – One big difference with this is the fact that you don’t have to reach full hip extension when leaping off the floor so, stay low and stay close to the bar to reduce travel time.
  • MOBILITY – From your thoracic spine all the way down your posterior chain will need good mobility to move well throughout this movement. Spend sometime on a “peanut” for that upper back and make sure your hamstrings are able to get full ROM!

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day today or anytime you’re reading this to improve your movement. We had lots of fun filming these (partially because of the outtakes) because we know that these 12 videos will help people get a bit better and will educate many more. If there is a movement that you’d like to learn more about that we didn’t get to, please text us or email us: / 585.481.5439