Move Better: The Kipping Handstand Push Up

Move Better: The Kipping Handstand Push Up

Our 12 Part Move Better series is all about educating you. We want to provide a deeper understanding of movement to our readers. In this series, we will pick apart one movement per week that will help you not only move better but; move with a purpose in the gym!

Week 7: Kipping HSPU is a CrossFit favorite throughout the world. Understanding the order of operations for your body in this movement will give you a greater appreciation for it when you’re upside down.


Breaking down the movement:

  • WHY- You’re going to want to master this movement to increase you work output in WODs. While strict HSPU’s are amazing and should be mastered first, this movement is the one you use when it’s “Go Time”
  • SAFETY- The #1 issue with kipping this movement is the speed at which we tend to come down on our heads. Keeping yourself under control (but fast) is possible but aim to have more speed UP the wall than DOWN the wall. Second to that is to make sure you have the requisite strength to perform these, strict pressing is where you want to get stronger before doing this.
  • SCALING – For the safety reason, we want you to scale to some DB presses (strict first, then push press) to ensure you’ll be safe upside down.
  • EFFICIENCY KEYS – Stay tight at the bottom of the rep so you don’t have the chance to become too unbalanced. Next is to know how far to bring your knees down. Bring them down to your waist and it’s more resembling of a push press…bring your knees down and curl at the hips and you’re looking at more of an upside down Thruster.
  • MOBILITY – In order to get that fully finished position, having the proper shoulder and upper back
    mobility is key here. Check your scapula mobility & your thoracic for areas to improve.

Stay tuned next week when we break down another brutal; yet simple, CrossFit movement!