Move Better: The Snatch

Move Better: The Snatch

Our 12 Part Move Better series is all about educating you. We want to provide a deeper understanding of movement to our readers. In this series, we will pick apart one movement per week that will help you not only move better but; move with a purpose in the gym!

Week 5: The Snatch is one of the most technically demanding & one that requires the most focus and mobility. However, if you understand it better; you will achieve better results.


Breaking down the movement:

  • WHY- The Snatch tests not just strength, but power, mobility and speed. Learn this movement and watch the rest of your athletic endeavors improve!
  • SAFETY- We want to start by focusing on where our spine is set before we pull off the floor or from the hips. Next, we want to make sure that our finishing positing is such that the bar bisects our body.
  • SCALING – Three ways we scale this are; first Load (less weight on the bar), next we move from the floor up to the knees (aka “The Hang”). If we are having issues in the bottom with the depth of the squat we will scale once more to a Power Snatch.
  • EFFICIENCY KEYS – Hitting that wonderful ‘triple extension’ is key for an efficient lift. If you do that properly, you’re using the right muscles to lift that bar (instead of the smaller & weaker ones). Speed under the bar is a learned technique that should be the main focus after the foundation has been laid.
  • MOBILITY – The #1 reason folks can’t squat low enough is that we have crappy ankle mobility. Chat up a coach today to get 1 good Ankle mobilization to do to get better at squats today!

Stay tuned next week when we break down another brutal; yet simple, CrossFit movement!