Open Prep Course: Day #4

Open Prep Course: Day #4

Improving Gymnastics & Barbell Cycling

We’ve gotten a handful of questions about “Just what will we be doing at the Course?” so below is a detailed list of the plan of attack for this Friday:

First off, we’re going to mix it up for our last week so we can make up for last week. 

  • First off, we’re going to go over the Handstand Push Up & Toes to Bar (and the CF Open Scales for them) to ensure comprehension and then we’ll make you better at it.
  • Second, we’re going to talk about how to efficiently move a barbell in a WOD so we can shave seconds off.
  • Once we’ve gone through all of that, it’s playtime. The coach will be there to improve movement and answer questions.

Expect the course to be 60 min long. Come in early if you wish to warm up and be ready to start moving right on time. You will learn something, 100% guaranteed.

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