Open Prep Course: Day #2

Open Prep Course: Day #2

Improving Anaerobic Capacity

We’ve gotten a handful of questions about “Just what will we be doing at the Course?” so below is a detailed list of the plan of attack for this Friday:

First off, “Anaerobic” is that part of our cardiovascular training that requires us to perform work, in the absence of oxygen in our blood. It’s that part of “Fran” that things really start to suck & we’re gonna show you how to get through it.

  • First off, we are going to explain how to breathe before, during and after maximal effort work has been performed.
  • Next, we are going to hop on the rower and hit our fastest (ever) 500m Row.
  • The remainder of the class will be learning to breathe after rowing that hard, and then we will do a few more 750m sprints at a slightly slower pace with our breathing in mind.

Expect the course to be 60 min long. Come in early if you wish to warm up and be ready to start moving right on time. You will learn something, 100% guaranteed.

This is not sexy, at all. But, when you are in ruins; 5 min into a 20min WOD, you’ll wish you came.