Our Programming Philosophy

Constantly Varied Meets Meticulously Planned..


At Forge Fitness, our members get the programming of an Engineer with OCD. This means that it’s well thought out and super organized. The ‘keys’ we keep as an overarching hierarchy are Form, Strength and Periodization & Fun.

  • Form is where it all starts. Whether it’s through our Foundations Course or some 1 on 1 training with our coaches if you come in with some outside experience. Being able to move the body fully and properly before adding excess load and intensity is a must with us. Without this, you’ll be injured in no time and, unable to train.
  • Strength comes after form because with an increase in strength comes a myriad of performance and health benefits. Being stronger will allow you to push through our conditioning drills with ease. Being stronger will make carrying your groceries up 5 flights of stairs less of a physical task. Being stronger will make it easier to chase down your kids in the backyard playing tag.
  • Periodization to us means; having a proper plan all year long. Throughout the year, we move from one cycle to another seamlessly and with purpose. Whether it’s a power-lifting, olympic lifting or gymnastic cycle (with we do, do.); everything is programmed intelligently so that the basics are re-learned before the weight and/or intensity is increased. Having control of your body before getting strong, before moving the heavy weights quickly is the method in which we operate.
  • Last, but certainly not least – Fun! Fun is usually easy to explain because we all like to have fun; yes? However there’s more to it than “program fun stuff to keep people happy”. You see, we actually absorb more information when it’s presented in a manner that we prefer. So, by keeping our atmosphere a light fun-filled one; our members learn more and become better….faster. And of course, we regularly program some team and partner WODs and play games. We also have plenty of non-gym related gatherings in and around our community.

We continually cycle through many different programs, programming ideas and philosophies. We keep what works, and we try new things out from time to time in order to keep an open mind because this world of fitness is constantly evolving and growing and we will never be stuck behind the times.