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Our Coaches: Creating a Community of Caring

Sean Shewman, Head Coach & Owner

CrossFit Level 1, B.S. Exercise Science, CrossFit Gymnastics, USAW Sports Performance Coach, National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Sean has always been tremendously active and grew up playing almost all the major sports. He got started in gymnastics at 4 and did that for 10 years. He then focused on soccer and track and field in high school and college.  In college, he started weight training, mostly powerlifting and bodybuilding at first, but after watching CrossFit and Weightlifting online, he fell in love with both. He started doing CrossFit at the college gym in 2011 and soon after joined a gym near school and trained there. He found the competitive outlet he was missing when he quit playing soccer senior year.  This worked out perfectly because his love for CrossFit and weightlifting fit into his daily life while finishing his B.S. in Exercise Science at the University of Buffalo.  After finishing school, Sean did internships at Webster Parks and Recreation and the Aquinas Institute of Rochester where he eventually became the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for almost two years. Around the same time he started coaching at Aquinas, he became a member here at CrossFit Chili.  Sean’s specialty is teaching kids and young adult athletes, but enjoys working with all who want to improve their physical fitness.  He is well versed in weightlifting, powerlifting, and gymnastics and loves fitness and sports in general.  He wants to continue his fitness and strength journey and help others to be their best possible selves.
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Kelly, Coach

CrossFit Level 1, Nutrition Certification – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Kelly is a Level 1 Certified Crossfit Coach and has her Nutrition Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She found Crossfit in 2013 after wanting to get in better shape and lose weight. She quickly fell in love with the challenge Crossfit provides to push your physical and mental abilities. The friendly, yet competitive atmosphere of a Crossfit Box is unparalleled and she has flourished into a competitive athete. She has also developed lifelong friends through the Crossfit Community, which she is most thankful for since finding Crossfit. She has been married to her husband, Ryan, since 2015 and has a 9 year old Goldendoodle, Daisy.

Danielle Owen – Coach & General Manager

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Danielle has always lead a healthy and active lifestyle. She started sports at a very young age (soccer, dance) but found her passion in cheerleading. She learned the dedication, discipline and teamwork needed to compete on a top-ranked national high school team. After high school, Danielle continued competing on an All-star level. Other fitness endeavors during her cheer days, include coaching tumbling classes (Rochester Elite All Heat) and becoming a gymnastics coach at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics. Turning her focus on to building strength, she started working out at a conventional gym. A friend of hers (Katrina) introduced her to the world of bodybuilding where she competed in two shows in the figure division. She placed first in three categories and earned her NMA “pro-card”. After a couple years of the traditional gym routine, it became mundane and rather repetitive, so a friend (Again, Katrina!) convinced her to try out a class held at Forge Fitness (garage days!) She was hooked ever since! She enjoys not only the physical aspect but also the mental toughness that comes with CrossFit. For Danielle, CrossFit became more than just a hobby but a huge part in her life. She looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for a happy, healthy lifestyle with others. Helping people improve their lives through fitness is invaluable to her!

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Brianna Schilling

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Brianna found CrossFit in 2013 which allowed for the structure she needed to stay on the fitness track.  Growing up she was more focused on outdoor activities, like: hiking, skiing, backpacking, running, and recreational sports.  She has always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that these activities brought.  Since the gym scene lacked a community feature, CrossFit allowed her talkative side to flourish.  In addition to her want for an outgoing community, she needed a workout routine that lacked movement consistency.  CrossFit has the constantly varied, high intensity trait that is needed to keep Brianna interested and wanting more.  She fell in love with combining weightlifting and cardio movements for a full body workout.  With that, she was able to discover her strengths and weaknesses and have a routine that will last forever.


Favorite Thing: Penguins & Smiling