Our Vision

Within the near future…

…I envision Forge Fitness growing to a point that it will have to close its membership off to the public. At this point, we won’t stall out; we will thrive. As we have grown from 8 people that hung out at The Lelli’s garage a few times a week into what we are today; we’ve always had a clear vision. That vision is to help people. We have helped people get stronger, we have helped people pay their medical bills, we have helped people steer clear of needing medication and we have given people a purpose outside of a 9-5 job. When people walk into Forge Fitness for the first time, they are making a life-changing choice; and we all know that. They are becoming a part of a close knit group of people that actually give a shit about one another. We care about how well they move, we care about how their day was, we care about how well they eat and we care about their happiness outside the walls at 1861 Scottsville Road. As we progress onward, we will be able to positively affect thousands of lives right here in our community just by caring for our gym family.
Back at The Garage; when I saw the smiles of people doing more than they thought they would ever be able to do, I was hooked on providing this chance to folks. Giving people the ability to change their lives is an amazing feeling and it’s something that we all strive to achieve each and every day. Our coaches know the reason why we have the mantra of “Give them a Reason to Stay” is that we give our members the freedom to choose us every single day. We prefer to look at it from that point of view as it drives us to be better each day rather than sit back on our heels and let them come to us. Our members choose us over lesser gyms, they choose us over working extra hours, they choose us over weakness and they choose us over being a common American who eats like crap & sits all day and night. 

My vision for Forge Fitness is one of happiness, strength, high fives and helpfulness for all who make the choice to be a part of our community. And it’s coming true….

Brian Lelli, Owner
Brian Lelli, Owner