***Passing of the Torch****

From Brian:

Nearly 6yrs ago, James Dickinson & myself sat at Brian’s kitchen table talking about how they can turn his garage into a place to workout and maybe train some other people. This passion for fitness and helping others quickly turned Parkmeadow drive into a busy street. Running up and down the driveway, pushing sleds and lifting weights was something that was seen nearly every single day by Brian’s neighbors.

When the 2nd winter was starting to roll around, it was time to answer the question of “do we make a legit run at this?” because the 10-12 people we were training were making the 300sf garage rather cramped. The past 4+yrs at Scottsville Road has been an amazing journey for me and I wouldn’t change a thing about the people I have had the chance to help improve their lives. I always knew that I could help people get stronger but what I didn’t know was; how these people would change my life at it’s core.

However, we have come to a point that I need to think even more about the community we have all built and what is best for them alone. What this community needs now is a leader who is seen AND heard. This community needs a family because this community IS a family.

And that’s why, as of today; I am passing the keys to the gym over to The Shewman family!

You can’t be a member at our gym without knowing this group. Not only is Sean always there, but the rest of the family (Jane, Ed & Cole) have become so woven into the fabric of what works at CrossFit Chili that they were the best fit to pass the torch to. That was my #1 goal when I made the difficult decision to pass the gym off. I wanted to find someone that cared about the community!

I want to offer my deepest and heartfelt thank you to every single person who is now; and all whom where, part of this journey in my life. I love you all and wish you all nothing but the best for yourself and your families <3

From Sean & Jane:

Dear Crossfit Chili Fit Family:

We are excited to announce that we will be taking over Crossfit Chili from Brian Lelli.  We have been a part of the CFC community for the past 3 years and are committed to keeping the “friendly gym” atmosphere that it has always been.  We were warmly welcomed when we joined CFC and we want all of our members to feel the same way.  We look forward to continuing to provide great programming and the support to make progress in your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals.  Sean will be the Owner/Head Trainer, and thankfully Danielle will stay on as our General Manager.

~ Jane, Sean, Ed & Cole