What is QuikFit?

QuikFit is a calorie killing 30-min bootcamp that blends a myriad of high intensity & low impact movements together. We’ll move with body-weight, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells & some cardio equipment to get the job done! The workouts change daily but always deliver a great gssports41 (1)time to help you and your goals!

Who is QuikFit best suited for?

QuikFit is great for anyone that has a tight schedule, a tight budget or someone who just wants to tone up, challenge themselves or learn new movements in a fun & challenging atmosphere! 

Do I need to be in shape for QuikFit?

You come TO QuikFit to get in shape, so there’s no worry about “being ready” for it. We can adjust movements & the intensity of the workout for each individual to ensure safety and to keep it challenging. 

When are your classes?

QuikFit will run Monday Thru Friday from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm.


QuikFit Founder Basic: Early birds get the worm and the “worm” here is a lower price to start out! The Basic option allows you to come to QuikFit up to 3 times per week.

QuikFit Founder Unlimited: This early bird is going to get that worm in no time because they can come to QuikFit as many times a week as possible. No limits here!

QuikFit Founder + Wellness: This is the “top of the line” Founder package for someone who not only wants unlimited classes but wants nutritional guidance too. This adds in a 30 min meeting with our nutritional coach to keep you accountable and moving towards your nutrition goals!

All Founders Package Pricing is through the rest of the year!