Premium Service vs Value Service

Premium Service vs Value Service

What do you truly care about?

Life is full of choices, lots of them are intuitive and made subconsciously. When we go food shopping, we do the same lap around the same aisles each week. When it’s time to get a new pair of pants; as a guy, I tend to look at the ones I just ripped (probably due to too many squats; jk there is no such thing) and go out and try to buy the same pair. For the vast majority of the populus; we have ‘routines’ and there are a myriad of choices peppered in the routines that we make.

Then, there are a handful of times that we – daringly – step outside of our routine and do something different. Instead of making coffee at home or at work, we stop by a local coffee shop and try something new for a change. This time of year, resolutions are still fixed in our brains; and lots of folks revisit their desire to lose weight. For the most part; people will do the same old routine as they did last year. Go to a big box gym, toss a few dollars at their membership and hang out on the treadmill. Then maybe meander on over to some machines, maybe.

The big box gyms certainly have their place in the world; they are there to provide a Value-Priced “service” to the public. I had to put ‘service’ in quotes because; if you’ve ever been to one of these places, they don’t really do anything outside of allow you to walk through their doors. That’s why they are called “Access Gyms”. You pay for access, only. This value-priced service is liken to those of us who bring our lunch to work each day, buy a base model car or don’t buy name brand clothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. These are all choices we make to live the lives we want to live.

There are; however, certain times that we step outside of the norm and demand a premium service. Some days, we demand a Starbucks coffee. Sometimes we demand that pair of $100 jeans. For those times, we have to be smart about it all. Unless money just isn’t an issue, if so you’re probably not reading these words. If I wanted to go for a premium service on anything in this world; I have to budget for it and consider adjusting other areas of my life to allow for that. Here’s my real world example, Food. My wife and I love food and we enjoy eating healthy (minus the occasional ice cream party we throw for ourselves). As you know, healthy food and healthy eating isn’t cheap. This is something we know and we plan for so, we expect to spend $150-200/wk on food. Could we spend much less at Wegmans? Absolutely. But, we buy organic fruits, veggies and meats every week because we believe that it is better for us (and our baby on the way!!).

When it comes to health and fitness; the choice we need to make is all about what level of service we want. Do we want to just walk in, do things and go home? Or, do we want to be involved in a high level community of like-minded individuals and be coached through challenging workouts by a person whose sole purpose is to keep you healthy, strong and injury-free? Well, if you liked the description of that second option; you might have to consider making your coffee at home and bringing your own lunch to work a few days a week because it won’t be coming to you for $10/mo my friend. That small change in your life; to get a premium service like CrossFit, will bring you 100x the value! Afterall, aren’t you worth it?

CrossFit has carved a path in the fitness world. It’s premium services allow for people to make a statement that says

I care deeply about my health and fitness and I want a service that does too!”

Post By Brian