Staying Healthy this Winter

Hey peeps!

As the cold weather has crept in, we need to remember that it can’t be ‘business as usual’ when it comes to our health and fitness. The cold weather is going to do a couple things to our bodies and therefore, our performance in the gym. First off, at Forge Fitness we always have a good warm up planned that’ll prepare you for the upcoming WOD. However, if you’ve got some “bad body parts” (you know who you are and what those parts are) then you have to do your best to sneak into the gym a few minutes prior to class and spend some time on those bits and pieces. The cold weather is going to make those muscles, joints & ligaments less pliable. Another reason to sneak in early and get your own warm up on is that the cold weather is…..ready…COLD. We want to make sure our body temperature is higher so we can move better from the first minute of class to the last minute of the WOD. Jump on a bike or rower for 2-3 min or do some jump rope with your hoodie on so you’ve got a little sweat on before things kick off.

The coaches know that most of us have to scramble and run after the class because life is busy but, treat yourself right. If the WOD ends and you’ve got 5-10 min before the next class starts, do some extra stretching for yourself. Throwing a warm body out into the cold where you’re likely to sit in your car for a while isn’t the best move you can make. If you signed up for the 5:30pm class you’ve pretty much assigned yourself to be blocked off and busy until 6:30, put in the full hour.

Speaking of running out the door….

If you’re the morning crew and you’ve gotta run back home or right off to work, plan accordingly and make sure you’ve got some food with you to have on your drive to wherever you go. From the time the WOD ends you’ve got 2 windows of time to feed yourself. That first 30 min to get a shake down and the first 2hrs to get a real meal in your bellies. You work hard at the gym, reap allllllll the benefits of that effort be properly fueling yourself!