Summer 2017: Forged Nutrition Challenge!

Summer 2017: Forged Nutrition Challenge!

We’ve upgraded our Nutrition challenge this year! We’ve found a great partner; a Registered Dietitian, to provide us with the knowledge and planning that is going to help you.

This challenge is 28 days and will be lead at Forge Fitness by Coach Kara soon to-be-Griffith!

So, let’s get down to the details of this challenge….

  • Start Date: Monday June 26th
  • End Date: Sunday July 23rd
  • Is it a Paleo Challenge? No – specifics will be given at the Nutritional Seminar on Sunday the 25th but; it’s more of a ‘clean eating’ challenge. It is VERY ‘livable’ and will be easy to integrate into anyone’s daily lives.
  • 15 Minute Individual Meeting at the Beginning (Answer individualized questions and measurements)
  • 15 Minute Individual Meeting at the End (Answer questions, measurements, discuss options moving forward)
  • 1 hour seminar at the beginning of the challenge (Sunday 9am @ 6/25/17) to discuss meal plan information, answer questions, explore macronutrients
  • Private Facebook group, Weekly Emails to keep you motivated and provide fun recipes! 
  • Nutrition Handbook, Food Log, and Lifestyle change tracking sheets.

Other than all of that, Kara has gone over & above and has added all of this to your challenge package:

  • 1 Workout on Seminar Day and 1 Workout to Retest on final day of the challenge (7/23/17)
  • Plastic 3 part food storage container
  • Teeshirts (once we get 10 people min. on board)
  • Potluck on final day of the Challenge (7/23/17) – Food provided by Forge Fitness
  • Discounted Nutrition package at the end of the challenge as well as the opportunity for ongoing Nutrition Counseling.

Lastly; this is OPEN TO ANYONE. Friends, Family, Co-Workers – You do not have to be a member at Forge Fitness to join in on this Nutrition challenge so create a support group at work & at home and do it as a team!

This is your chance to re-take control of your health & wellness so let’s do this! After all, CrossFit starts with proper nutrition: