The #1 thing you need to improve your fitness

When it comes to wellness, there are SO many ways you can improve this universal marker. You can start working out, you can start eating better, you can stop eating tons of crap and eat slightly less crap. You can change your fitness routine for another slightly different fitness routine. All of this will move the needle in the right direction, slightly and some might be faster than others.


However, one BIG thing that is missing from these options is what is holding so many people back when things get difficult. When the workouts make you so sore that you can’t move the next day or when your diet really starts getting on your nerves and you are about to break down and eat ALL the cookies. That’s why our programs always have to have this single element weaved into them; so they WORK. That one thing that any wellness program needs is accountability.

So, what is accountability with respect to wellness? It’s goal setting & telling other people that will hold you to your goals so that WHEN (not if) things get hard, you have someone to talk to. It might seem silly and it might seem like a small thing; but it WORKS.

So is NOT accountability? It’s not taking pictures of your BEST days at the gym and BEST days in the mirror and posting them on the internet. Everyone has good days, everyone. What you don’t see from most of these Ce-Web-Rities are their fails at the gym or how they cheated on a diet when they shouldn’t have or their struggles.

Find 1 person in your life that you KNOW will hold you accountable and take them out for Coffee. You will not regret it!