Top 5 Holiday Gifts…

Top 5 Holiday Gifts…

No matter how much we tried to hold onto summer; the Fall still came crawling in and we’re looking down the barrel of some winter months coming. For lots of us, that means we’re starting to think of Holiday Gifts! We’ve all got some pretty easy targets in our lives that would be happy with anything or nothing; but there’s always a few folks that are the holiday gift equivalent of a rubix cube. Whether you don’t know them enough, they have everything or they are really bad at dropping hints; we’ve got you covered! These 5 items below will help any gift giver breath a sigh of relief & get the recipient a step closer to being healthier and happier!

#5: A Foam Roller. This is a simple and inexpensive gift that anyone that goes to the gym should have. If they already have one, upgrade their roller with a Rumble Roller! After a few months on a regular roller; it’s time for the next level of myofascial release!

#4: Anyone that’s a bit of a gym-junkie is going to have lots of sneakers. A true sneaker-holic will love ones that are a “throwback” and Reebok JUST (yesterday at time of writing this) re-released their biggest hit the Nano 2.0’s!

#3: Thankfully, this day in age there are a handful of amazing Meal Delivery service companies out there and anyone that’s trying to keep in shape or get in shape will LOVE you for helping them tend to this part of their plan. Even a few meals to get the ball rolling will give them some time to think and it just might help them make the first step towards a better life!

#2: Give them a book. Yes, a paperback book. If you’re a reader, you’ve probably already thought of 10 books you want to give them. If not, no worries; we can help! I have bought this book for a handful of people and continue to suggest it to dozens of others. Help First isn’t just for fitness or business people; it can give you a great perspective on life and how you can improve your life through helping others.

#1: If you’re looking for something that’s a “win-win-win” for your gift receiver and someone else; get them some Anvil Coffee. They will get some of the tastiest coffee that they can get their hands one, you will feel great about it because a % of all proceeds help those in need and they can ship it Right to your new best friend!

Outside of some new kicks; everything else on this list can be picked up for under $20 which is a very reasonable way to show some one how much you care.