Unless you’re a new member (0-2mo) you should be willing to be uncomfortable with things at the gym. What does it mean to be ‘uncomfortable’ at the gym? I’m not talking about the feeling of “Do these booty shorts let my ass hang out too much?” or “Wow those pants are a bit too tight on on that kid” – sorta uncomfy.

What I’m talking about it that, once you learn the movements and have stuffed a few dozen reps under your belt; it’s time to see what you can REALLY do once you know how to move. When it comes to weightlifting, all weight around or above your known maxes are SUPPOSED to make you a bit hesitant to attempt. With gymnastics, that’s going to f*ck with your head a ton also. Who wouldn’t get a higher heart rate thinking about tipping themselves upside down or hanging from the high rings?!

You came into the gym for a reason right? You came in to lose fat. You came in to get stronger. Or, you came in to improve your  health.

Maybe you came in for all these reasons and more!

In the coming weeks, months and years; push your comfort zone away from you and try new things. Add more weight on the barbell. Take the next step in your gymnastics training and for Pete’s Sake; GO FASTER in your Met-Cons!! Folks, you can’t be afraid to be out of breath for the entirety of a WOD and also expect your health and cardiovascular system to improve.

You’re supposed to be breathing heavy. You’re supposed to struggle and grind out heavy reps. You’re supposed to fail.

You’ll get healthier. You’ll get stronger and you’ll improve in ways you never thought you could.

By Brian