Why do you need endurance?

As a former powerlifter, this is a tough pill to swallow. For the better part of a decade, my “cardio” consisted of slowly pulling a few hundred pounds around on a sled. Tough, yes. Cardio, meh…barely. However, in the last 6-7yrs of my fitness career I have become aware of a few great things that come with endurance training.

First, if you can look at it from a Challenge-Perspective; it’s a big challenge to keep yourself moving. Lots of us are goal-oriented and this can be just another notch on your fitness-belt. In my younger years, I wanted a 500lb deadlift and I got it through training for it. A few years ago I ran my first road race and didn’t stop running because I trained for it.

Second, the mental aspect of endurance training is (to me) the biggest benefit. Whether running, rowing or another modality; when you go for a long time your brain is going to start having conflicting thoughts. You don’t always have to listen to that devil on your shoulder (probably eating a cookie) that is telling you to stop and that it’s too hard. These mental battles that you win when you’re training some endurance methods will be applicable down the line in your life. If you can run a 5k or a 10k at a good pace for you; you’re going to be mentally stronger than a large portion of other people in the world & that will be to your benefit.

Lastly, speaking from a CrossFit point of view; having some long bouts of fitness will typically help you recover from some of those heavy and high intensity WODs that we do. If you just did a 8 Min workout that involved some heavy barbells; going for a 30-45min bike ride after will help flush your system out and feel better. If you feel stressed and drained from life; doing a long “OTM” workout with a light barbell or bodyweight movement will certainly be beneficial to your fitness without adding to your stress.

These are just a few great reasons to add in some endurance training to your fitness portfolio. If you’re looking for help trying to figure out how to train the modality of endurance, we can certainly help you with that.