WOD Recovery

As you go through the trials and tribulations of improving your fitness, you are going to get sore. From time to time; we all need a little help feeling better, faster. When that happens, we want to arm you with a plethora of ways that you can do just that!

Below is a list of methods of keeping any soreness and/or small nagging injuries from becoming anything significant. The list below is shown in order of severity.

  1. Proper Nutrition. This is your first line of defense that will allow your body to operate properly in the gym, heal up after & repair itself. Want help with your Nutrition? We’d love to help!
  2. Proper Sleep. Making sure you get not only the right amount of sleep; but the right type, is a no-brainer! Everyone needs sleep, but getting that deep sleep (REM sleep) is where the repair & recovery will really kick in. Make sure you put down the screens before bed, sleep in a cool room and cap any caffeine intake (Coffee, Workout stuff, Energy Drinks) 6-8hrs before you want to be in bed.
  3. Stretching & Mobilizing. Making sure you give yourself 5+ min a day of proper stretching & mobilizing will go a long way at keeping those nagging stiff muscles in a happier and more supple state.
    1. Three amazing resources for this are MobilityWOD, ROMWOD and your Coaches! Before you leave the gym from your WOD, ask your coach for a stretch to do when you get home, they are a great resource!
  4. Seeing a Manual Therapist. When things start to nag at you a little more than you can handle, it’s time to get some assistance. Whether you get a deep tissue massage, acupuncture,  cupping or something a bit more aggressive like some Granston work; these methods are an amazing way at getting you back into action!
    1. Forge Fitness really appreciates that we have a great relationship with Carmen over at Integrated Wellness Systems!!
  5. Seeing a Sports Physical Therapist. If things ever get beyond the point of resting and getting some manual therapy; we still have you covered! We know of a great PT that won’t tell you to stop exercising but will help you recover, heal and keep you moving so you can get back into it and be healthy!
    1. Adam over at Sports PT (in Henrietta) is the man to get in to see!

As you can see, the first 3 are in your hands and are the easiest to do in order to take care of yourself. If things get beyond that; we still have the ability to help. If you have any questions from here, please talk to your coaches!