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Group tai-bo training

Based on the name, a form of martial arts comes to mind, because it sounds like Thai boxing. Tai-bo is a group fitness program that combines the movements of taekwondo, boxing with elements of aerobics and hip-hop. In these workouts, you will see hot sets of cardio sessions for martial arts fans.

Creator of the extraordinary technique Blly Blenks. He is a seven-time world champion in karate and a black belt in taekwondo. The program is named after the first syllables of martial arts: tai-taekwondo and bo-boxing.

This is a non-contact form of fitness. There is no sparring or punching bag practice here. Movements and elements are chareographic movements, not martial arts. Beginners mistakenly think that tai-bo will help you learn self-defense, but you should not look elsewhere.

With such programs, it is possible to throw out anger and energy well, but not get injured and bruised.

Classes are held in an intensive form with cool rhythmic music and funny comments from the instructor. Includes simple memorable combinations with steps and punches. Intense cardio sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Tai-bo is an effective method of losing excess weight

The program is an intense movement that makes the body work with a pulse of 150-160 beats per minute. With such a load, the body spends about 500 kilocalories per hour. In addition to the exercises, pick up a healthy fitness diet, then the kilograms will go away even faster.

Conducted special experiments lasting 2 months. A group of 20 overweight people received intensive training sessions 3 times a week for 45 minutes. The record result of the participant showed minus 8 extra kilograms and to remove the stomach without various diets.

Is it possible to build muscle in the tai-bo program?

Definitely not. After all, it is also known to the teapot that in order to gain muscle mass, strength training is needed. A cross-functional program focuses on cardio. Squats, jumps, steps are considered light-level movements, while muscles need stimulus and push to grow.

In cross-functional tai-bo, there are also heavier loads using spanders and fitness balls. Inventory is more aimed at developing muscles and endurance, but not at increasing them.

Undoubtedly, doing cross-functional tai-bo will emphasize the figure and give a slight relief to the muscles. Coaches are advised to combine cardio loads and work with their own weight, that is, power loads, for greater efficiency.

A big plus in tai-bo is group training. Classes in a group stimulate to greater results and make competitive among other participants. It will help not to throw fitness workouts. There are also video tutorials for home workouts, but group workouts remain the advantage.