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The reason for the birth of step aerobics

Step aerobics are crossfunctional exercises that are performed using a step platform. The emergence of aerobics is instead an accident. It originated in 1989 thanks to a girl who injured her knee, and the orthopedist advised strengthening the muscles of the legs with the help of a box by stepping on it.

The girl’s name was Jean Miller, it was she who founded a kind of fitness and developed the first set of exercises, thanks to the advice of a doctor.

A variety of crossfunctional is useful for preventing and treating osteoporosis, strengthening and engaging all the muscles of the legs, pelvis, and abdomen. And by adding dumbbells to the step, you can boost the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

An important attribute in the footpace is the footpace platform, which is adjustable in height depending on the level of difficulty and crossfunctional training of the person. The complexity of the classes depends on the level of preparation of the participants. There are several types of step aerobics:

  • the basic footpace is designed specifically to help dummies. Includes basic choreographic movements repeated in a circle. They will allow you to feel the rhythm and join the rhythm of aerobics fans;
  • classical. The next level of mastering the footpace. Nothing complicated only increases the intensity, pace, and variety of movements. The classic level is aimed at strengthening muscles and increasing endurance to move to the next level;
  • combined. A program for advanced participants who are familiar with the previous levels and tricks of the footpace. He performs many dynamic combinations, which should be performed under incendiary music in a frantic rhythm;
  • interval. Represents 2 combinations of aerobic and power complexes that will help you effectively burn calories and monitor muscle tone. It is suitable for well-prepared participants.

Basic rules and inventory

What to stock up for a beginner to do crossfunctional training:

  • step platform – the main attribute of aerobics. At home, you can replace the bench. The main requirement is the strength of the support;
  • fitness elastic bands for power loads;
  • ball;
  • small dumbbells up to 2 kg. Modern dumbbell weight can be increased.

Before you start stepping, you need to learn 6 simple rules that will help you perform movements correctly and efficiently:

  1. Back – the back must be kept absolutely straight like a ballerina;
  2. The position of the foot on the platform so as not to lose balance;
  3. The rise to the platform is carried out due to the legs, not the back;
  4. If you miss the pace, slow down, sudden movements are your enemy;
  5. Distribute the load evenly;
  6. Half an hour before class, drink 1-2 glasses of water.

These rules make it possible to feel the footpace and get used to the frantic pace.