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Fitness Newbie Review

Aqua aerobics is a young sport that is suitable for absolutely all children, teenagers, the elderly, and pregnant women. The benefits of exercising are many times higher than from exercising in the gym, and the risk of traumas is absolutely minimal.

Those who want to lose weight and put their body in order will feel the effects faster than from sports loads. By combining water aerobics with other types of cross-functional complexes and proper nutrition, you will get the maximum effect.

The history of crossfunctional goes far back to China, where water classes were conducted by samurai honing their accuracy in the lake.

Rhythmic movements in the aqua under the guidance of an instructor are welcome. In water, not one muscle group is overloaded, the joints become as mobile as possible, and the load is distributed evenly.

Features of inhalation training

Aqua aerobics speaks for itself. Complexes are held exclusively in water, which are not typical of swimming training. Classes last about an hour and include warm-up, strength exercises, cardio and stretching. The training ends with relaxing movements in the swimming pool.

The energy consumption in an average person’s water is from 600 – 800 kilocalories per 1 session. The indicator exceeds the standard cross-functional complexes.

The results are only comparable to speed skiing. Aqua aerobics relieves muscle tension, helps to get rid of stress and strengthens the nervous system. The effectiveness of the results in water increases several times because there is resistance that is not noticeable, and the body feels light at the same time.

Benefits and contraindications

Let’s start with contraindications, which are unusually few and have a medical origin.

For classes in the pool, you should make sure that there are no contraindications:

  • ¬†asthma;
  • the tendency to cramps;
  • Infectious disease and mose-genital system.

Remember the water is treated with chlorine. Sensitive skin may cause allergic reactions. In this case, classes should be stopped.

You can talk endlessly about the benefits of aqua aerobics. Let us single out the main ones that everyone who has connected life with the pool needs to know about:

  • strengthens the muscular frame, in the pool the muscles work as one;
  • improves blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure. After all, when the body in the water unloads the heart muscle;
  • strengthens immunity.
  • eliminates cellulite, removes excess weight;
  • relieves tension in the spine with osteochondrosis;
  • training in the pool relaxes after a hard day, increases efficiency;
  • improves joint mobility.

Having made the choice to visit the pool, you will need a bathing suit, cap and personal hygiene products.