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Tension with loops review

Recently, classes with loops have gained wide popularity.

It’s no secret that there are more and more new types of training. Training with TRIX hinges is a power type of cross-functional training aimed at working with your own weight. From sports equipment, loops are used, which are a pair of lines fixed at a height, at the end of them there are soft hinges.

The hinges are fixed on a solid and secure base. By inserting arms and legs into the loops, a person performs exercises in limbo. Not infrequently, these types of cross-functional training are called suspension training. Such cross-functionals take their origin from the military. It was first used to train US special forces officers.

Hinges are a whole training system, not just a simulator. With the help of such equipment, you can engage in aerobic, power, and static complexes. The internal and external muscles of the body are involved.

Advantages of TRIX complexes

This is a universal simulator on which you can develop the whole body. The hinges are conveniently mounted to the door, and the ceiling is suitable for practicing at home. With the help of loops, the whole body is worked out, which is not always available in ordinary cross-functional gyms.

The main advantage is compactness. Inventory can be taken with you for use in nature or on vacation. The suspension complex eliminates the power load on the spine and is quite safe.

There is nothing difficult in fixing inventory at home if you follow the instructions. In sports shops, you will find kits for beginners. Fans of cross-functional make their own. At first glance, there is nothing complicated in the exercises.

But due to the fact that in the classroom you constantly have to maintain balance, all movements become more complicated. So the body works harder.

In general, a sufficient number of complexes for home workouts. In turn, cross-functional gyms promote their complexes designed individually for the client.

Suspension training is not for everyone. Not because of restrictions, but because it is tough for an unprepared person to get involved in work and cope with the load. Basically, this type of cross-functional training is chosen by people with a sports past or present.

The minimum requirement is to have experience in the gym or any other type of cross-functional. With a great desire, classes with a coach will lead to good results. There are no weight restrictions because the loops are selected individually.

The main advantage of classes is an accelerated metabolism. Calories are burned not only during training but also after. There are practically no contraindications in sports. However, it is not recommended for people with heart disease and the spine. In general, any sport requires consultation with a doctor and preparation.